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Eschenbach bioptic

Amazon.com : 2.1X Eschenbach Max TV Glasses Distance Viewing : Glasses For Watching Tv : Beauty

Man using bioptics to drive to work

Image of woman wearing VES-Falcon Autofocus Bioptic

Image of Ocutech's VES Falcon Autofocus Bioptic with 8 hour battery pack

Diagnostic Telescope Kit Frames

Solar Shield ClipFlip Gray

Amazon.com : 2.1X Eschenbach Max TV Glasses Distance Viewing : Glasses For Watching Tv : Beauty


Eschenbach maxTV®

Eschenbach Galilean 3x Binocular Galilean Telescope Magnifying Glasses Distance

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DVI Telescope Carrier Frame

FL-41 Light Rose Filter - SolarComfort

Solar Shield ClipFlip Yellow

Amazon.com : 2.1X Eschenbach Max TV Glasses Distance Viewing : Glasses For Watching Tv : Beauty

FL-41 Dark Rose Filter - Meridian


Occluder with Spring Mech.

Bioptic telescopes can help eligible visually impaired individuals obtain a driver's license and be safer drivers, thus increasing their independence and ...

MaxTV & MaxDetail by Eschenbach ...

Eschenbach Magnifying Hobbies Model Spectacles Binocular Glasses 4 X Tele - 254

Eschenbach Tint Kit

Girl wearing Ocutech Bioptics. “

1 ...

Image is loading Eschenbach -Binocular-Galilean-Telescope-4x-for-Near-Closeup-

Image of palm trees in florida with title, Visually Impaired and Living in Florida

Ocutech VES-Falcon Autofocus Bioptic

Teenage boy driving while wearing bioptics and dog is in car

Designs for Vision Bioptics


Fitting the VES-Mini - Bioptic Telescopes | Ocutech

Eschenbach tele 3x binoculars



eschenbach magnifier

Image of Patrick Raymond and his low vision specialist

Eschenbach 1624-6 MaxDetail Clip

Ocutech Teams Up with Eschenbach Optik to Represent in Canada.

Eschenbach visolux+

... weaker the power; 41.


New ESCHENBACH 1624-11 MaxTV Binocular Glasses Hands Loupe F/S from Japan

Using bioptics to read music.

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(800) 487-5389 | eschenbach.com


Photo: Eschenbach Optik GmbH

A Small Device Helps Severely Nearsighted Drivers Hit The Road

Having a blast and learning so much at #CSUNATC19pic.twitter.com/d8QY88AgSR

Eschenbach 8 x 21 zoom binoculars 122 m/1000 m x vision case included

Eschenbach mobilux® LED




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Nick Hamlett

VisoPOCKET Folding Magnifier - Black

bioptic microscope

Eschenbach galilean tele 4x, for distance binoculars, 70cm - infinity, #1634-


Trial Frame Ring

Eschenbach opera glass binoculars 4441-1dresden 3x 25 aperture midnight blue



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Eschenbach 1636-4 tele 4x binoculars/ magnifying glasses brand new with case

Monocular Magniclip 4.75x

ESCHENBACH Hand-held loupe 1511-7 Mobilax LED 7x With LED light from JAPAN

OrCam 2.0 intuitive wearable camera that reads back text and identifies faces and objects

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is commonly known to affect a person's overall physical functioning with limitations in movement coordination, strength, endurance, ...

DFV Expanded Field Keplarian Monocular Bioptic

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1655 1 Touch small

EyeFine 1

Driving performance among bioptic telescope users with low vision two years after obtaining their driver's license: a quasi-experimental study.

Designs For Vision

16 Bioptic Telescopes 4x Full Diameter TS Not focusable Spiral focusable TS Expanded field focus TS (note: length)

Dr. Greene, low vision specialist and co-founder of Ocutech, fits Robert Parrish with the new VES-Falcon Autofocus Bioptic.

Magno by eschenbach viva v6 binoculars 6x15 157m/1000m

Eschenbach tele-med 3x for distance vision. Binocular Galilean system

Eschenbach - 12X Aplanatic Loupe Magnifier

Dr. Randolph Kinkade and William Baiocchi New Bioptic Telescopic Eyeglass Design

Eschenbach MaxDetail Glasses for Near: The Eschenbach MaxDetail Glasses are a portable pair of glasses that magnify your vision These glasses are meant to ...

Now Eschenbach for Digital

The good news is that people who are not good candidates for max glasses may be good candidates for a max clip-on to go over their prescription glasses.

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